Prince @ Ahoy (10.07.11)

Prince @ Ahoy

The 2nd concert of Prince in Ahoy after North Sea Jazz, but this time I managed to get an arena ticket. Together with a friend who loves Prince at least as much as I do we drove to Ahoy.

Just when he played the first track we came into the arena. With no “Golden circle” we had to crawl our way to the front where he had a nice view.

Friends joined us where we watched most of the concert. It was the same ‘sort’ concert as the day before. Only one or two of his own tracks versus lots of covers and a lot of jamming.

I didn’t eat a lot that day due to the busses I had to do for the Studio 80 party. That combined with lots of joints and heat, it made me very woozy and I had to get out of there fast. I exited the crowd and was just in time in the toilets… After feeling a bit better the concert was in its last song and we went home… again not fully satisfied…

I’ll probably add some videos later on…