013 Techno (05.11.99)

Jeff Mills was in Holland and thus a good reason to drive all the way down South to 013, which was fairly new back then. It opened on November 13, 1998 so it was 51 weeks after it opened that I first was there. The party was 013 Techno, 013’s own techno night. On the line-up Jeff Mills and the Eindhoven-based Acid Junkies. As you can see the club was…

Kozzmozz (09.10.99)

From my friend Riel I heard of this great party in Gent (Belgium), called Kozzmozz. Always curious for new parties I drove to our neighbours to the South, accompanied by a lovely girl named Sara, who I’ve known since college. We just drove as close as we could to the location (Sportpaleis Citadel/’t Kuipke) ending up IN the building with car and all.